Message from the CEO

Through our global business activities, we aim to improve quality of life for patients around the world by harnessing the deep-rooted patient centric approach and its expertize and technical capabilities in ophthalmology, which we have built up over the 130 years of our company’s history.

We have released Santen 2030, a long-term vision for the year 2030 to solve social issues related to the eyes. Toward realizing “WORLD VISION” (Happiness with Vision), the world Santen ultimately aspires to achieve, as a “Social Innovator”, we aim to reduce the social and economic opportunity loss of people around the world caused by eye diseases and defects by orchestrating and mobilizing key technologies and players around the world.

Currently, at least 2.2 billion people globally have visual disorders or have lost their sight. Patient numbers are expected to continue rising for reasons including the increasing numbers of elderly people and economic development in emerging economies, lending a greater importance to our roles and responsibilities. In addition to leveraging our company’s advantages globally in the field of ophthalmology, we aim to take on board new skills and technologies as we move to achieve long-term growth in 2030 and beyond, contributing to the development of ophthalmological treatment in various countries and regions and to the greater happiness of people worldwide through improved health. We ask you all for your continued guidance and encouragement.

Shigeo Taniuchi President and Chief Executive Officer

Shigeo Taniuchi President and Chief Executive Officer Photo