Santen's Values

Tenki ni sanyo suru(*) We think carefully about what is essential, decide clearly what we should do, and act quickly. By focusing on ophthalmology, Santen develops unique scientific knowledge and organizational capabilities that contribute to the well-being of patients, their loved ones and consequently to society. * Santen's original interpretation of a passage from chapter 22 of Zhongyong (The Doctrine of the Mean) by Confucius, meaning exploring the secrets and mechanisms of nature in order to contribute to people's health

As a specialized pharmaceutical company in the ophthalmic field, Santen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is dedicated to improving the eyesight and health of people. We perform all our business and CSR activities in line with Santen's Values -Tenki ni sanyo suru- from which our Company's name derived. As Santen's employees, we are fully aware that our mission is to think and act autonomously to benefit patients and their loved ones, thereby contributing to society.

Organizational Principles

Ideal State of Santen Pharmaceuticals and Its Pledge


Aiming to create unparalleled value for all of our stake-holders and consequently to achieve sustainable growth, Santen develops a long-term vision, and designs and implements strategies to achieve the vision.

Customer Perspective

Santen concentrates on improving the QOL of patients and their loved ones, and encourages solid and practical discussion to achieve this goal.

Creativity and Innovation

Santen not only creates tangible products but also innovative services and processes. Santen encourages the development of innovations through actively learning and applying the best-practices in the world.

Employee Growth

Santen supports employee growth through encouraging employees to understand and act in line with Santen's Core Values and Individual Action Principles.

Harmony with Society

Santen has social responsibilities as a corporate citizen, and acts ethically and in harmony with society in all business operations.

Individual Action Principles

Action Guidelines for Each Employee

Integrity and Trust

As a responsible member of society, we do our work sincerely and maintain the trust of people around us, including co-workers, customers, partners and other stake holders.

Customer-oriented Thinking

We always consider the perspective of patients and their loved ones in setting our targets and goals.


We actively develop special expertise and professional skills in order to address issues we face in our work.


We are not hesitant to make changes; we continuously propose improved ways of doing our work and quickly implement those innovations.

Collaboration and Cooperation

We respect the diversity of people, and through collaboration and cooperation among people with diverse backgrounds, we improve the quality of our work and achieve customer satisfaction.