Santen Tax Policy


Santen will enhance its tax transparency and fulfill its corporate social responsibilities through appropriate tax payments. We will also strive to minimize tax risks and maximize shareholder value. In order to achieve these points, we have established the following tax policies.

1. Tax Governance

Santen's tax governance is responsible for the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), who oversees Santen's significant tax operations and tax risks. The status of tax operations and tax risks are reported to the Board of Directors and the Board of Corporate Auditors as necessary.
Depending on the significance and uncertainty of a project, we will also seek advice from outside experts and consult with tax authorities in each country in advance to reduce tax risks. 

2. Tax Compliance

The Santen Code of Practice, which serves as a code of conduct for all executives and employees of Santen, stipulates legal compliance and tax obligation, and works to foster compliance awareness, including tax affairs.

3. Tax Planning

In order to maximize shareholder value, Santen will conduct effective tax planning in business activities in accordance with the intent of the legislation of the relevant laws and regulations and in compliance therewith.
By considering and implementing tax planning, we emphasize that tax planning is consistent with the objectives and actual conditions of business activities, and we will never conduct any kinds of tax planning intended to avoid taxation payments, such as income transfer to tax havens.

4. Transfer Pricing

Santen will appropriately distribute earnings in accordance with the contribution of Santen companies in each country. In determining transfer pricing, we will comply with OECD transfer pricing guidelines and applicable laws and regulations in each country, with the group-wide transfer pricing policy we have established.

5. Relationship with Tax Authorities

Santen will sincerely strive to address various tax issues and ensure tax transparency and reliability in order to build good relationship with tax authorities in each country.

Established in October, 2020

*This policy has been approved by the Board of Directors.