Distribution of Profits to Shareholders and Dividends

Recognizing profit distribution to shareholders as one of its vital management goals, Santen will continue executing appropriate, performance-based dividend payments, while making sure to increase its capital efficiency, invest in R&D projects that will help enhance its corporate value, and retain earnings for the development of its future growth strategies. Santen will also consider repurchasing or retiring its own stocks in a timely manner.
In its Articles of Incorporation, Santen states its decision to pay interim dividends.
Dividend payout levels will be determined by the Board of Directors for the interim dividend and by the General Meetings of Shareholders for the year-end dividend.

Dividend per share

Account Closing MonthMar 2020Mar 2021Mar 2022Mar 2023Mar 2024
Interim Dividend¥ 13¥ 14¥ 16¥ 16¥ 16
Year-end Dividend¥ 14¥ 14¥ 16¥ 16¥ 17 *
Annual Divident¥ 27¥ 28¥ 32¥ 32¥ 33 *
Payout Ratio45.6%120.2%47.0%-45.5% *
*Tentative until it is approved at the Shareholders' Meeting.

Shareholder Returns and Dividends

Repurchase of treasury stocks

TimeNumber of stocks
(Thousands of stocks)
Total amount of repurchased stocks
(Millions of yen)
Mar 20012,3875,084
Mar 20022,0003,202
Mar 20032,7413,237
Nov 20041,3512,569
Mar 20081,8334,800
Aug 20124,93713,735
Nov 20168,28412,310
Mar 20193,8386,636
May 20223,2913,367
Jun 20223,8143,830
Jul 2022547596
Aug 20223,5403,646
Sep 20221,3071,293
Nov 20222,1522,344
Dec 20222,2762,556
Jan 20233,6073,688
Feb 20233,0883,079
Mar 20231,2481,333
May 20232,3102,884
Jun 20233,3604,153
Jul 2023756926
Aug 20231,8602,440
Sep 2023523723
Oct  20231,5111,990
Nov  20231,3471,824
Dec  20239041,240

Retirement of treasury stocks

TimeNumber of stocks
(Thousands of stocks)
Percentage to the total number of outstanding stocks (%)
Mar 20012,3872.5
Mar 20022,0002.1
Mar 20042,7413.0
Mar 20051,3511.5
Nov 20124,9385.6
Dec 20168,3002.0
Mar 20197,5001.84
Oct 202212,5003.1
Mar 202312,3703.2
Mar 202412,0003.2

Special Benefit Plan for Shareholders

Santen offers no shareholder special benefit plan.
Our basic policy adheres to profit distribution to shareholders through dividend payment.