Market Penetration of Products with Social Significance

Santen will contribute to reducing the number of untreated patients by improving access to healthcare in the field of ophthalmology, which is our business field.

Improving Access to Healthcare by Ophthalmology and Wellness as Two of the Three Material Strategies

Santen’s materiality framework comprises three strategies and four areas of ESG materiality. In the strategy of “Ophthalmology,” one of our three strategies (Ophthalmology, Wellness, and Inclusion), we will accelerate innovation in ophthalmology and ecosystem(*1) development, and in “Wellness,” we will raise awareness and proactive care toward better eye condition.

Through these efforts, we will contribute to reducing the number of untreated patients worldwide by developing products with social significance and improving access to ophthalmic treatment for more and more people. We aim to contribute to more than 60 million patients(*2) by 2025.

  1. Ecosystem: The ophthalmic care ecosystem is an aggregate of various stakeholders that contribute to the provision of ophthalmic care and collaborative relationships in which they function organically.
  2. Estimated total no. of patients to which Santen contributed (disease areas: inflammation/allergies, cornea, glaucoma, cataracts) in FY2019 was approx. 43 million, calculated based on JMDC's estimated total no. of patients for Santen’s Rx products and Santen’s shipment data