Santen Brand Concept

Vision, a window to the world.
With vision, we connect with others.
With vision, we feel happiness.

That is why we at Santen believe seeing is integral to life.
As a company focused on vision, we explore and grow the unlimited potential of our ability to see.
Because we know we can one day achieve a world free of vision problems.
Because we know we can one day create a future full of smiles where everyone’s vision is nurtured.
Until then, we will not stop challenging ourselves.


Imagine Your Happiness

This corporate slogan incorporates Santen’s desire to create a better world by constantly imagining the happiness of each and every person living in the world.
Santen’s ideal: the creation of a world in which each and every person realizes their happiest life through the Best Vision Experience.
To create that world, Santen always thinks and acts with “people” as our central focus.

Santen Brand Concept Video “Hana”

This is a video that expresses Santen’s desire to continue to challenges by facing “vision” through the life of a woman “Hana”.