Message from the Chairman

At the Santen Group, our fundamental approach is to contribute to society by targeting our efforts on the ophthalmology, focusing on patients and their loved ones. As a specialized company in this field, we aim to contribute to a future full of hope by providing patients around the world and healthcare professionals with valuable products and services.

Worldwide, there are still many countries and regions where ophthalmic treatment is not sufficiently advanced and where available treatment for conditions such as glaucoma and retinal disorders is insufficient. As such, we feel a particularly significant responsibility in our role as a specialty company. Up until now, we have stood beside patients as we rolled out a broad-range of activities to meet medical needs in various countries and regions, overcoming numerous challenges as we make every effort to help patients enjoy their lives.

We are all working together to ensure we can meet the expectations and earn the trust of stakeholders including patients and their family members around the world. We ask you all for your continued understanding and support.

Akira Kurokawa Chairman

Akira Kurokawa Chairman Photo