CEO Message

Santen aims to become a specialized pharmaceutical company with a global presence, by providing innovative pharmaceuticals and services.

Akira Kurokawa Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

I am pleased to express my heartfelt gratitude to shareholders for their generous support. This support is critical as we strive to accomplish our long-term strategic vision to develop Santen into a specialized pharmaceutical company with a global presence by 2020. Achieving this vision requires not only increasing sales, but also supplying innovative products and services based on a detailed understanding of the global market.

To this end, it has become even more vital that we precisely identify unmet medical needs and speedily supply products and services that best reflect the needs of customers from around the world.

In view of such circumstances, we channel all our resources into the field of ophthalmology through a variety of activities, including reinforcement of our global development system, particularly in the United States, reinforcement of our glaucoma treatment lineup and expansion of our overseas business through the acquisition of Merck products, and the acquisition of InnFocus, Inc., developer of the InnFocus MicroShunt glaucoma implant device which is a potentially important new treatment option for glaucoma. We expect these measures will promote our efforts to address unmet needs, including the needs for treatments in glaucoma and retinal diseases, as well as our contributions to the overall ophthalmic field.

Furthermore, we will enhance our presence and productivity in our Japan Business, our major business segment, and will also focus on accelerating the development of our Asia Business and the reinforcement of our EMEA Business, utilizing the expertise Santen has developed in Japan as a specialty company.

In these endeavors, we would like to ask for your continued support.

Akira Kurokawa Chairman and Chief Executive Officer